Apartment Complex | Property Management in New Jersey

Comprehensive Financial Management in New Jersey

At U.B.E., Inc., we have a wealth of experience that we translate into outstanding financial management in New Jersey. When you depend on us for management and administrative services for your community or residential property, you will have peace of mind.

Providing Financial Services

We have the skills and know-how to provide financial services for communities and residential properties alike. When working with us, you never have to worry about the possible financial repercussions of our property management decisions. Our team oversees your bookkeeping and accounting needs and offers the benefit of our expertise in financial management. We will ensure that you can count on having impeccable financial records.

Apartment Building | Residential Property Management in New Jersey

Administrative Services

At U.B.E., Inc., you can depend on our administrative team to meet expectations while taking care of employee hiring, firing, and supervising. We focus on administration details, from coordinating meetings to preparing reports to handle work order requests and payments.


Our team exceeds the traditional duties of a property management company. We believe that our responsibilities include participating in lobbying efforts at the local, state, and national levels to advance the interests of the organizations we represent.

Our Commitment to You

When you choose us, count on the highest quality of community and financial management services. By working closely with your organization, we’ll champion the improvements you want to see in your community or residential property by tailoring our services to your needs.

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